Coverage Offered in a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan

What Does a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan Cover?

Wondering what comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers? Here are some details you should know about a comprehensive coverage in two-wheeler insurance.

Coverage Offered in a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan

In a metro city or in a rural area, two-wheelers have been one of the most frequently used modes of transport in India due to its ease and convenience. Its use in our daily life is immense and hence it is important to buy a right insurance cover for it. It will protect your financial interest amid these threats involved in using two-wheeler. Also, of the two types of cover available in the market viz. third-party and comprehensive, having valid third party cover is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act. However, most of the insurers would recommend you to buy a comprehensive cover. What exactly is it? and how exactly will you benefit from it? Read on to know more.

Coverage offered under Comprehensive Plan

This plan offers complete coverage to your two-wheeler. Along with the factors like the legal liability for third-party damages, personal accident cover and coverage for two-wheeler is offered. Thus, it serves as a complete solution for your insurance needs.

The coverage for two-wheeler includes coverage after:

  1. Damage after accident
  2. Damage after natural calamity
  3. Breakdown of vehicle due to natural calamity

The comprehensive policy also offers perks like a no-claim bonus which gives a discount on premium, a perk for being a good rider and a claim free year.

Add-ons offered

For a more cover, the comprehensive policy also offers add-ons which can enhance and add value to your policy. These add-ons save your expenses at the time of claim. Some recommended add-ons are the zero-depreciation or bumper to bumper cover which covers your two-wheeler against depreciation and engine protect cover which covers the engine of your bike.


To conclude, a comprehensive insurance plan is always the best choice when it comes to complete coverage; that is, coverage for your own damage costs and personal accident costs. Before picking your insurance, go through all the different bike insurances offered on the market, and make an informed decision based the features, terms and conditions and your ability to buy.

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