What You Need to Know When You Plan to Modify Your Two-wheeler Vehicle

What You Need to Know When You Plan to Modify Your Two-wheeler Vehicle

Planning to modify your two-wheeler? Take a look at the impact that the motorcycle modifications will have on your insurance.

What You Need to Know When You Plan to Modify Your Two-wheeler Vehicle

Every two-wheeler vehicle owner, irrespective of gender, is an enthusiast when it comes to making their motorbike look good or keep their performance levels high. This enthusiasm settles down to modifications based on its aesthetic value or performance. But, most often, we tend to give a go-ahead to these modifications without informing ourselves of the impact these modifications can have regarding our vehicle insurance value.

There are facts you need to know before making any decision. Make sure you discuss them with your insurer and then proceed with the best decision that favours you financially.

Impact of Performance Modifications

Performance modifications may include an addition of fuel-efficient systems or speed-enhancing capabilities on your two-wheeler vehicle. Faster speed implies higher risk due to accidents or mishaps. For insurers, they view performance modifications as a high-risk factor, with a higher number of claims. However, it is finally in the hands of the owner, and modifications can still be done. But, these will impact the premium amount. With the risk on the vehicle now increased, the claim amount could be high.

Impact of Visual Modifications

A completely new colour change or introducing a brand new look for your bike is your prudent efforts to enhance the look of your bike. With elevation in the aesthetic value, the risks shoot up with chances of your bike being prey to theft or other miscreant activities. Thus, directly impacting the premium amount on your bike insurance plan. With greater aesthetic value, the market value of your bike will increase too, therefore, causing a proportionally turn in the premium amount as well.

Impact of Security Modifications

With security modifications, the chances of your vehicle being stolen or damaged are way lesser. If your bike has anti-theft systems installed, you will automatically fall under the low-risk spectrum when it comes to bike insurance than you would with no precautionary tools. To support such measures, insurers offer premium discounts at the time of policy purchasing if you opt for installing pro-security devices and have you pay lower premiums to safeguard any harm to your vehicle or yourself.


With so many different aspects affecting the premiums you pay once you go ahead with a modification, it is important that you inform the insurer about these modifications well ahead of its implementation. They will eventually assess the situation and suggest a change in the premium amount. Since there is no hard-and-fast rule set on the percent increase or decrease of the premium amount, policyholders can settle on the amount the insurers and find common ground in their claims, thus, mutually settle for the best option benefitting both parties.

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