Consumable cover in two-wheeler

Consumables in Two-wheeler Insurance – Explained

Small things can add up to the overall expense. Learn about the consumable cover for two-wheeler insurance and protect yourself from even the smallest of expense.

Consumable cover in two-wheeler

When referring to two-wheeler or auto insurance, surely the term ‘consumables’ must have crossed your path. To throw some light on consumables, they are parts or factors of the automobile which when used is completely consumed. These are not reusable parts and cannot be replenished over again.

What Are Consumables in a Two-wheeler?

Materials such as screws, nut, and bolts, lubricants, brake oil, furl filter, grease, gas of the air conditioned, etc.

Consumables are not usually a part of the basic policy and are usually included in the add-on policies available for all to pick from, above and beyond the basic policy.

Factors Required to Claim a Consumable Cover

There are various factors that need to considered before claiming a consumable cover on a two-wheeler insurance:

  1. Reporting the damage or accident immediately and repairing the vehicle within 3 days of the accident or repair – If this doesn’t occur within the stipulated time, trying to make a clam is moot because it will not be eligible. Therefore, to avoid any kind of claim rejection, it is always advisable to get it repaired within the stipulated 3 days.
  2. The consumable cover will be inclusive under the category of one’s own damage cover. Consumables are an add-on, therefore, they come under the umbrella of ‘own damage’ to the two-wheeler. It is essential to be adept with the terms and conditions of the policy in such cases to make the claiming process much easier.
  3. This is available only for two-wheelers that are less than 5 years old. Vehicles older than 5 years are not eligible for the consumables cover.
  4. Just like most add-ons into the policy, it is essential for the policy holder to possess a valid driver’s license and all legible copies of insurance documents. In case of inability to produce the documents immediately post the accident or damage, the consumable cover stands canceled or invalid.
  5. Under conditions of intoxication, driving maliciously, breakdown due to wear and tear or depreciation of the parts within the vehicle, the policy holder will not be able to make a claim for the consumables.
  6. Since the consumables cover will be a part of the policy, but as an add-on, it is essential to report any type of damage or accident as soon as possible. Further the delay, the higher are the chances of claim settlement becoming a more tedious process.

Therefore, a consumables cover is a smart option to select, giving additional coverage to the two-wheeler in the event of any accident or damage.

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