Top 5 excuses for not buying travel insurance (1)

Top 4 Excuses for Not Buying Travel Insurance

People make all kinds of excuses for not buying travel insurance. This is risky as travelling without an insurance plan is not a good idea at all.
Top 5 excuses for not buying travel insurance (1)
We always look for excuses for things which we don’t feel are important. So is the case with travel insurance. Including me, we are guilty of once. Listed below are some of the most common excuses that people make for not getting a travel insurance plan. Take a look and make sure you stay far away from them!

1. I am a healthy person

Since the medical cover is an essential component of any travel insurance plan, many people try to get out of buying the plan saying they are healthy. It is true that a healthy person is less vulnerable to fall ill on a trip. However, there are a few things that are not in our control. What would happen if the traveller gets knocked down by a vehicle while walking down the road? Or what if he suffers an allergic reaction? These incidents can take place so it good to have an insurance as a precautionary measure.

2. I don’t intend to change my itinerary

While you may be a disciplined traveller and stick to your schedule, an uncalled issue may interrupt your travels. You may miss a connecting flight because of a delay in another flight. You may suffer a medical emergency and need to extend your trip. The hotel may cancel your booking unexpectedly. Again, these are things that are beyond our control and should be covered under a travel insurance plan.

3. My luggage never gets lost

Honestly, there are very few people in the world who always lose their luggage! Loss of belongings is not a typical occurrence, but it does take place. And when it does, it proves to be very troublesome. If you make this an excuse not to buy travel insurance, you will make a mistake. So be wise and buy a good plan to cover any loss of belongings that may crop up during your trip.

4. I’m travelling to a safe destination

While visiting a place like Fiji is more reliable than flying to Egypt, you still need travel insurance. There are many reasons why travel insurance is taken. If you are confident that the peaceful situation won’t lead to any changes in your itineraries, have you considered what will happen if your airline loses your luggage? So don’t base your travel insurance needs on just one aspect. Look at the broader picture and opt for a good travel insurance plan before you start your journey.

The bottom line

Making excuses won’t help; getting a travel insurance plan will. So keep all your justifications aside and look for a good travel plan. There is no substitute for insurance. This holds true all the more when you are travelling to a foreign land. Whether on work or holiday, you would always want the trip to be safe and uneventful. So opt for a good travel insurance plan and say goodbye to all the travel issues that may occur you on the trip.