Time for Your Child to Apply for Fall Semester – Have you Got Student Travel Plan

Time for Your Child to Apply for Fall Semester – Have you Got Student Travel Plan?

Student travel insurance helps students admitted to foreign universities. If you’re planning on higher studies abroad, this insurance is needed.
Time for Your Child to Apply for Fall Semester – Have you Got Student Travel Plan
Since the day your child was born, you have wished for their success in life. You supported them in all their endeavours. You encouraged them to pursue their dreams. With your love and support, he cracked the required examinations and qualified for a Master’s degree in a good foreign university. Though thrilled, you are also worried about their well-being in the land beyond. What can you do to make their university life smooth and uneventful? It’s simple. All you need is a good student travel plan for them.

What Is a Student Travel Insurance Plan?

A student travel plan covers the entire duration for which he/she pursues an education abroad. It is available with most of the general insurance providers in India.

What Features Are Available in this Plan?

Here are the top features of a student’s plan:

  • Emergency medical costs

If he/she requires emergency medical attention in their present city of residence, they will get compensation from the insurance provider.

  • Accidental death or disability

The plan pays out a sum assured if the policyholder dies in an accident or is left disabled on a permanent basis.

  • Repatriating cover

If due to an unexpected reason the insured dies, the insurance provider pays for the repatriating costs of bringing back the deceased’s body.

  • Loss of baggage/documents

Much like a traditional travel insurance plan, a student travel plan also compensates for the loss of baggage. If he/she loses his passport or other important documents, the plan pays for all the costs incurred in getting a fresh passport or any other document.

  • Personal liability

This travel insurance plan pays out the claim if the policyholder is entangled in a legal issue. This includes property damage and medical compensation towards a third party.

  • Bail bond

Most student travel insurance plans also have provisions to pay the bail bond if the policyholder is arrested in the country of residence under a bail-able offence.

  • Sponsor protection

The student travel plan pays the policyholder’s tuition fee in case of the death of the sponsor of the education while the plan is still active.

  • Eligibility

Any student between the ages of 16 years and 35 years can opt for this insurance. The plans are available for long durations to cover the entire duration of the study course.

Why Is It Important to Buy Student Travel Insurance?

As we saw from these points, a student travel insurance plan has many beneficial features. Thus, it is vital for anyone going abroad to study to get such a plan. This plan provides much mental relief to you as a parent by assuring your child never faces any financial problems while staying alone in a foreign land.


You can check out the various insurance plans available from the top India insurers. Run a quick comparison online to see which plan is best suited for your child. You have worked hard to provide an excellent platform for their future. Do not allow any misfortune to crawl in and hamper their studies. Protect their studies, their career and their well-being with a good student travel insurance plan.