Did You Also Skip Your Travel Plan Like Rohit Did?

Did You Skip Your Travel Insurance Like Rohit?

Rohit went on his honeymoon without a travel insurance plan. He was unlucky, and his losses went up. Travel insurance would have saved him much money.
Did You Also Skip Your Travel Plan Like Rohit Did?
Misfortune seldom strikes, but when it strikes, it strikes hard. Ask our good friend, Rohit. He will tell you all about it. Rohit made the mistake of going on his honeymoon to Mauritius without a travel insurance. Unfortunately, after he began travelling, what happened was a series of disasters which ruined his trip and left him drained off his finances. Look at Rohit’s story to understand why you never should skip travel insurance.

Happily Married, Happily Honeymooning

Rohit and his new bride, Anita, were on their honeymoon in Mauritius. They booked a beautiful 5-star beach resort. The trip could not have been better. The first 3 days of the 5-day vacation were marvellous. But, on a penultimate day, Rohit felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Within a few hours, the situation got worse, and he was taken to the hospital. Rohit was suffering from acute appendicitis. An appendectomy needed to be performed soon. The couple was left with no option and decided to go for the procedure there itself.

Changes in the Itinerary

With Rohit admitted to the hospital, the trip extended by 5 more days. The airline cancellation charges were high. The new tickets for their return were expensive as well. Anita had to swipe her credit card. And, Rohit lay recovering on the hospital bed. Anita had to book the resort for 5 more nights, as she did not know anyone there. There wasn’t anywhere else she could stay. This drilled a serious hole in their pockets.

Hospital Bill

When Rohit was discharged, a bill of MUR 85,000 (approximately Rs. 1,65,000) sprung up. Rohit did not have a travel insurance plan. So, he had to pay the entire sum on his own. This was a big blow to his finances.

Returning Back

The newlyweds started their journey on a happy and positive note. But, they returned to India dejected and broke. They were about to start their new life. Now, many of their plans had to wait. A single travel insurance plan for a few thousand rupees would have helped him. But, this decision was regrettable.

In a Nutshell

Rohit’s story is a sad one. Like him, many people face such issues daily. This is unfortunate as the travel insurance plans are available to everyone at all times. No one needs to travel without a good plan. These troubles are avoidable. Sure, a travel insurance plan can’t shield you from the physical pains of a medical condition. It can put a band-aid on your wounds by paying off your bills. So, never make a mistake our friend Rohit did. Do not skip your travel insurance plan at any cost. A travel plan is affordable. You can buy it online on an instant basis. Browse the plans, find an economical option and get insurance before you start your journey. Hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst. Now, Rohit has learned this mantra for a happy travel and life ahead.