Travel insurance for travel in france (1)

Planning a Holiday in France? Get More Than Regular Travel Insurance

Whenever you plan to travel, go for a travel insurance plan that covers you from all types of emergencies.
Travel insurance for travel in france (1)
Travelling has always been my passion. Despite the busy office schedule, I manage to make plans to travel in India and abroad. A few months ago, my brother Rajesh was planning a trip abroad.

Rajesh, with his family, planned to take to the streets of France. While I was in touch with him during the travel, on Bastille Day, he was in Nice. When I saw the news of a truck-ploughing attack, I panicked and called him up to ensure his safety. I was happy to hear that he and his family were safe.

This incident made me realise how vulnerable we, as human beings, are. A natural disaster or human disaster can happen at any time and any place. I, too, was planning to visit a foreign country during the year’s end. The thought of my well-being made me feel restless. If I were to fall sick in a foreign land or become a victim of any disaster, what would I do? Will my travel insurance cover me for those expenses?

Such thoughts occur to everyone who travels to a foreign country. Thus, it becomes a necessity to buy a travel insurance for not only medical evacuations or lost baggage/passport but also for any losses due to terrorist attacks. Instead of Despite going for a regular travel insurance plan, you should opt for the one that covers you from other unexpected troubles like natural calamities or terror-related attacks. Though a few countries have made it mandatory for travellers to get a travel insurance, it is still one of the most neglected insurances.

Travel insurance provides security to an individual who plans to travel abroad. Though many consider it as an unwanted expense, the main purpose is to protect you from unwarranted changes made during the travel.

Medical Evacuation

You get sick and need immediate medical attention. In such cases, travel insurance will reimburse or assist you with your treatment at the right time in a foreign country.

Lost Passport/Wallet

Passport is an important document while travelling abroad. If lost, it can cause much trouble. In such situations, travel insurance plan ensures your safety and provides you with emergency funds or assistance to issue a duplicate passport. Travel insurance works as a saviour in situations when things during travel go wrong.

Loss of Baggage

You plan a trip to New York in December. When you land, you realise your baggage containing woollen clothes is misplaced by the airlines. Travel insurance will assist you in getting your baggage back. It may help reimburse the cost incurred for the purchase of new clothes and toiletries as well.

Change in Travel Plans

If there is a flight cancellation or a change in your travel plans due to various reasons, the insurance company will reimburse the expenditure.

Evacuation Due to Intense Situations

Suppose you visit a country where a natural calamity or a political unrest situation has arisen, or a terrorist attack has taken place. Your travel insurance will ensure you are evacuated from the affected place sound and safe.

Whenever you plan to travel, go for a travel insurance plan to cover you from any emergency. Travelling is a beautiful experience. Getting the right things in place will add to your experience.