Planning cruise travel

Planning a Cruise? Here’s What Your Travel Insurance Should Cover

Cruise travel is always the desired travel, as you leave from one port and reach another without any worry of unpacking.
Planning cruise travel
When on a cruise, every morning, you wake up to a fantastic scene and enjoy the beauty of different places. No need of carrying luggage from one place to another or looking for hotel rooms. A cruise travel provides a surreal experience of visiting places. These days, cruises are well-equipped with facilities and entertainment for all genre of people, be it couples, children or elders. These attractive features result in more people craving for an experience of a lifetime.
In the same way, Rahul is planning a cruise vacation to Singapore this year. He starts making enquiries. He is planning to buy travel insurance. But, he is not sure about the aspects he needs to look in for. He calls his friend who is a travel agent to know more about risks related to cruise travels.
His friend tells him about all the risk involved. He also briefs him about the travel insurance to provide him with protection against those risks. Here’s a takeaway from his conversation.

Emergency Medical Needs

Though the cruise has its team of doctors and first-aid in place, you or your family may need medical needs due to pre-existing diseases or any other reason like seasickness. Travel insurance policies will ensure your medical needs are taken care of on time on the cruise.

Failure to Board the Ship on Time

You are enjoying the beauty of a new city. In a split second, you realise you are running out of time to board the cruise. You end up missing your ship due to loads of traffic. Your ship leaves the port. In such cases, the need for emergency funds to reach the next nearest port and hotel stays will be reimbursed by the travel insurance.

Help in a Foreign Land

You visit a foreign country where people speak less of English and more of their local language. You may need some help to decide which places you can visit or how to communicate with locals. In such cases, a travel insurance plan should assist you to enhance your travelling experience.

Losing Your Wallet/Passport

If your wallet/passport gets stolen or you end it misplacing it on the cruise or while visiting a new city, a travel insurance plan will get you some immediate funds. Thus, you don’t have to face many problems associated with the loss.

Cruise Travel Delayed/Cancelled

After planning for the cruise trip in advance and making the payments, you realise the cruise liner has cancelled the trip or delayed it to another date. These delays may interrupt the other plans you may have Or; you might end up having some urgent work issues because of which you cancel the trip. In either case, a travel insurance plan should reimburse you for the losses caused due to the cancellation of the trip.

Evacuation Due to Weather Issues

Sea travels make you leave the land. It is a light condition to be in due to weather, hurricanes or rainy/windy situations. In such cases, travel insurance can help you evacuate from such situations. Thus, ensuring your safety back to the mainland.
Despite cruise travels being more dependent on the cruise liner and the weather, people prefer it because of its world-class experience. So, if you have your anniversary coming up or you want to enjoy some leisure time with your kids/parents, go and plan a cruise trip now. But, make sure you have a travel insurance to protect you at all times.