Backpackers insurance (1)

Everything you Need to Know About Backpacker Insurance

Excited about your backpacking trip? Buy travel insurance and ensure that there is no financial hitch which ruins your experience.
Backpackers insurance (1)
Backpacking across new countries can an absolute fun-filled experience. It is an inexpensive and carefree way of travelling. With its popularity increasing, many people view it as enjoyable.
The most significant attraction of a backpacking holiday is the constricted budget. You get to visit new places at a lower cost. To travel at a minimum expense, many backpackers cut out on travel insurance. While this does bring down the costs, it increases the risks in the same proportion.
Travelling without insurance is not wise or advisable. You may end up losing a more substantial amount in case of any misfortunate incident.

Understanding Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers you while your travelling from your native destination to some other place. Depending on if you are travelling with the country or abroad the insurance can be domestic or an international one. You can get compensated for medical treatments, lost luggage, trip cancellations and changes in itineraries among other things. Travel insurance covers instances which may cause inconvenience during your trip at a nominal cost. The plans are available online for speed and convenience.

Reasons Why Backpackers Need Travel Insurance

Check some of the reasons why backpackers need this insurance:

  1. Health Cover: As a backpacker, many health risks await you. You would be staying in hostels or dormitories. You would eat much street food, available at lower prices. You will also walk and hike a lot. All these factors expose you to many health risks. Buy a travel plan will get you the required treatment in case of an emergency. Without a proper insurance cover, the medical bills must be paid by you. Thus, this will negate everything you were hoping for on a budget trip.
  2. Flight Cancellations/Misses: You may have planned your backpacking tour well. With advance and cheap air tickets helping you out. But, if you do miss your flight or need to change/cancel your ticker due to varied reasons, you must bear the costs. In such cases, a travel insurance plan will compensate the financial losses.
  3. Theft/Loss of Belongings: Living in a hostel or a dorm with other tourists from all over the world over is exciting. But, it poses a few risks too. A $25 hostel dorm is not as safe when it comes to theft as a 5-star hotel room. So, if you happen to lose your luggage or your important travel documents, your travel insurance plan will help replace your items.
  4. Requirement: Travel insurance is compulsory in many countries and places. You need it to apply for a visa to certain countries.

Getting a Backpacker Insurance

With a shoestring budget or the need for the thrill of a backpacking holiday, travel insurance is a must. Don’t be penny-wise, pound foolish. Be smart. With a valid insurance minimise the risks and have a wonderful trip!