How does Travel Insurance Vary According to your Destination (1)

How does Travel Insurance Vary According to your Destination?

The destination you are travelling to does have a role to play in travel insurance. Analyse the destination and buy the insurance cover accordingly.
How does Travel Insurance Vary According to your Destination (1)
A travel insurance plan is very helpful. However, the plan will perform according to your full expectations only if you buy a proper cover. To ensure you have the right kind of coverage, you have to assess your needs and also see where you are travelling to. In this article, we tell you about the ways in which the travel insurance cover changes according to your destination. Take a look.

Visa Requirements

Some countries mention the minimum travel insurance cover that you have to buy in order to get a visa. This means that you won’t qualify for a visa of that country if your travel insurance cover is not large enough. For instance, if you want to travel to any Schengen country, you will have to buy travel insurance for a minimum amount of €30,000. You can buy more insurance if you need, but a minimum cover of €30,000 is a must.

Place of visit

Some places you visit are more expensive than the others. It doesn’t take a lot for you to guess that a hospital bill in the US will be much higher than a hospital bill in Bangladesh. So you will need a much higher travel insurance cover when travelling to a place like the US as compared to a place like Bangladesh.

Facility at destination

Next, you have to see the available facilities at your destination. If you are going to visit a family member with whom you will stay as well, you may need a smaller travel insurance cover. This is because the risks of cancelling or changing your hotel bookings or other itinerary-related matters will be much lower. This apart, knowing a local well enough will be beneficial and reduce the risks a traveller may face in a completely new place with no help around.

Current situation at destination

While travel insurance is mandatory irrespective of the current scenario at your destination, you may need to alter your cover amount if you foresee any possible troubles. Let us take the example of Radha who travelled to Turkey a while back. She was sceptical about the political unrest in the country so she bought extra travel insurance. It proved to be a very good idea as a riot suddenly broke out near her hotel and she could not leave for the airport on time. She had to extend her trip by a couple of days and change her air tickets too. Thankfully, the travel plan took care of it all.

Activities at destination

If you are travelling to Nepal for a trek to the Himalayas, your destination will have its own risks. If however, you are travelling to Dubai to enjoy the annual shopping festival, the activity risks will be much lower. The activities you undertake at the destination, therefore, plays a role in determining how much insurance cover you need.


So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, your destination does play a role in determining your travel insurance cover. To analyse all the points mentioned above and see exactly how much insurance cover you will need for your upcoming trip. Make sure you buy insurance that is sufficient to cover all the financial losses or medical expenses that may show up on the trip. However, don’t buy extra insurance unnecessarily. Run an online comparison of the available options to know which plan offers what. This will help you in finding the most appropriate travel insurance plan with the best cover.