Brexit and travel insurance

Brexit – How Will It Impact Your Travel Insurance?

Planning to enjoy your holidays or your business trip to the EU. Do not worry about the travel insurance aspect. But, make sure you check it well.
Brexit and travel insurance
Arnav is getting married next month and is planning to visit the UK for his honeymoon. But, since the UK has decided to exit the European Union (EU), he grew sceptical about visiting the country. He wonders about the impact it will have on the travel insurance he bought.
To clear the air, read on. The UK voted to leave EU and invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to start with talks of negotiation regarding Brexit. A formal exit from the EU will take a minimum of 2 years. The immediate impact of this transition on your travel will be minimal, as the exit process talks are yet to start.

Like Arnav, you too may plan a  leisure trip to the UK but find it confusing. The conversion resulting from Brexit has caused much unnecessary concern.  You would have some doubts regarding whether travelling to the UK would leave you spending more than you anticipated on your travel/hotel accommodations or your travel insurance. But, it is confirmed that the move is still not finalised as per the process and will take another 2 years to be signed and sealed.

Though, a person wishing to travel to the EU must buy travel insurance irrespective of Brexit. Let us further know some of its benefits:

Countering Flight Delays

Your flight gets delayed in a foreign country. You have no other option but to wait for the next flight. During this time, your hotel accommodation, food expenses, etc. will be taken care of by travel insurance.

Medical Emergency

You are travelling with your mom. You realise she is not keeping well while still abroad. In such situations, a travel insurance ensures family members are taken care of by providing necessary assistance. If required, travelling back to India will be accommodated. Such assurance gives you peace of mind during your travels.

Other Emergencies

For instance, you travel to a foreign country. There happens to be a sudden political emergency. You must travel away from that country to India as soon as possible. In such situations, the travel insurance plan ensures you are evacuated in time. A few travel insurance plans cover terror-related situations too. If sudden terrorist attacks impact the country you are visiting, the insurance company ensures your safety.

Loss of Passport or Wallet

At the time of travelling, your passport is the most important document on you. The thought of losing your passport is dreadful. If you do happen to lose your passport, the travel insurance plan comes to your aide. It ensures you get a duplicate passport issued at a time so that you don’t face any identification issues.

Your wallet contains all your valuable cards. In case you lose your wallet, the travel insurance policy ensures you some emergency funds so that you don’t struggle much due to its loss.

Loss of Baggage

You plan to travel to Scotland during the summers for a trekking camp. When you arrive at the destination airport, you realise the airline has misplaced your baggage. Now, you don’t have your trekking attire and other accessories and regulars.

A travel insurance comes in handy at such times. You can buy yourself some clothes and other important things required to continue with your plans without changing the itinerary. Your travel insurance will reimburse These expenses.

If you wish to enjoy your holidays or your business travel to the EU, do not worry about the travel insurance. Since the process will take some time, up to two years, Arnav, and you can travel without any doubts.