Helmets Saves Life, Insurance Saves Liability Personal Freedom vs Helmet Laws (1)

Helmets Saves Life, Insurance Saves Liability: Personal Freedom vs. Helmet Laws

While the physical protection offered by a helmet cannot be denied, you will need a valid insurance for covering you against financial liabilities. Given below are insurance options you should consider.
Helmets Saves Life, Insurance Saves Liability Personal Freedom vs Helmet Laws (1)
Nikhil, an engineering student from Bangalore, was riding to college when a car hit him from behind. His brain was severely injured along with other injuries on the body, as he did not wear a helmet. Luckily, Nikhil survived a head injury after a month-long treatment. But, luck may not be in one’s favour all the time. Although you may not be able to safeguard yourself against all the injuries in a bike accident, you can defend and save yourself from head injuries by wearing a helmet. Wearing it is by far the most effective way to reduce road injuries and fatality.

Personal freedom vs helmet laws

Riding a bike is thrilling. There are a very few who do not like it. Especially for youngsters, bike-riding gives a sense of personal freedom by letting them explore, express and experience life in their own way. However, you must follow the laws and road-safety rules while experiencing your personal freedom. For traffic protocols, wearing a helmet is compulsory for two-wheeler riders as a part of road-safety measures. In most of the states, wearing a helmet is also mandatory for pillion riders, specifically while travelling in the limits of urban centres. Although violation of traffic rules is punishable, helmet rules are most frequently disobeyed in the country. Prioritise your safety and protect your personal freedom by obeying laws.

Helmets are designed in such a way that it can handle the impact of collision to a certain extent and help you walk away from an accident unharmed. It basically prevents direct impact to your brain.

Wearing a helmet and insuring adequately are the crucial things that you must do before kick-starting your bike.

Helmet saves life

According to the statistics shared by transport ministry of states in India, there were 31 deaths out of every 100 road accidents during the year 2016. Shockingly, one in five who died in bike crashes was not wearing a helmet, totalling up to 10,135 deaths in the year just for not abiding by helmet laws. These numbers explain the importance of wearing a helmet in a better way. Following this basic road-safety measure, chances of head injury and road fatalities can be reduced to a larger extent. Helmet approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) may cost you around a thousand or so. A minimal investment can save your precious life.

Insurance saves liability

Along with road-safety measures, you should also ensure a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage and an accidental insurance cover. Third-party liability covering a bike insurance is a legally mandated requirement in India; it protects you from legal liability when the damage caused by your bike to third-party results in injury, death or a property damage. However, a comprehensive policy with adequate coverage can safeguard you and your bike against any unforeseen situations. Unfortunate events such as bike crash can leave you traumatised financially too if the adequate insurance is not in place. Comprehensive bike insurance provides you personal accident coverage up to INR 1 lakh per head.

Expenses for accidental injuries can wash away your entire life’s savings. For extra coverage, you can opt for standalone insurance plans designed for accidents only. There are various insurance players who offer personal accident insurance plans to protect you and your family from unexpected liabilities arising out of accidents. Personal accident insurance can be a saviour in cases of serious injuries resulting in conditions such as disability. Some insurers even provide daily benefits in the event of temporary disablement, which can act as your income for the family. These insurances can be availed at a minimal premium.


Laws are made to make our lives safer. Personal freedom is worth giving up helmet laws for. It’s important to understand that personal freedom can be enjoyed without sacrificing on safety. It’s vital to understand the ‘freedom’ in every sense of the word and cherish it keeping in mind your own safety.

Ensure safety, wear a helmet and most importantly, be insured to enjoy your ride.