learn about making claim in super top-up

Learn About Making a Claim on Super Top-up Health Insurance Policy

Got a super top-up plan but don’t know how and when to make a claim? Find out with us with this article and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
learn about making claim in super top-up
Health insurance industry is a boom now, and companies are continuously researching and offering innovative products to keep up with the pace. Though the medical costs are rising steeply, if insured adequately, you will not need to worry about the inflating medical treatment costs and the premiums too. One such product offered by health insurance service provider is a super top-up plan. Super top up plans are top up plans, but with no limit to making claims. In top-up plans, you can make a claim once a year whereas, in the super top-up plan, you can make multiple claims.
Mr Kushal has taken a medical plan for Rs.5 lac sum assured. However, he has realised that this sum assured is inadequate but it is the middle of the year, and he does not wish to wait for another 6 months to enhance his existing sum insured. He instead goes for a super top-up plan. He takes a super top-up plan with a sum assured of Rs. 10 Lacs.

Though adequately insuring yourself is very important but knowing the claim process is equally important. If you are unaware of how to optimally use multiple health plans, you might end up pinching your pocket instead.

In this article, we will know how you should make claims while having a super top-up plan. Before buying any plan, the health insurance service provider asks you about your existing health plans. Do not give false information about it. Give accurate information about which plans you already have, the name of the insurance company, sum assured etc.

Details like your health history, any pre-existing disease, eating habits etc. should be accurately provided. Any wrong information may lead to rejection of claims.

A super top-up plan is health plan which covers in-patient hospitalisation, expenses in the pre and post-hospitalisation period, cashless hospitalisation, provides a free look-in the period, etc. The features are more or less similar to that of a regular health plan.

Suppose you have a medical plan of Rs. 3 lacs sum assured and super top-up plan of Rs. 5 Lacs. You are hospitalised, and the hospital bill comes to Rs.4,00,000/-. You can first use your entire sum assured of the regular plan and then make the balance payment from the super top-up plan. In case of another hospitalisation in the same year costing Rs.2, 00,000/-, you can go ahead and claim it from your super top-up plan.

Let us know the further procedure in case of claims to be made from more than one health plan.

  • In case of hospitalisation, planned or an emergency, inform the insurance companies (policies in which you have been covered under) about it
  • Fill the claim form (Put the name of that health service provider wherein you want first to file the claim. Like say, in our case, it will be the regular health plan service provider)
  • Along with the claim form, send all original bills (hospital as well as medicine/consultation as per your policy reimbursement terms)
  • Before sending the original bills, do not forget to take copies of the bills. This will not only work as a reference in the future but also, you will have to submit these documents to another health insurance service provider.
  • Once the first insurance company reimburses the claim, you will get a summary of claim settlement
  • Get the copies of the bills attested by the hospital and fill in the claim form once again for another health insurance company.
  • Provide the details about the claim already made through a letter and send them the claim form, copies of attested hospital bills and do not forget to attach the summary of claim settlement.

Usually, a claim is processed within 3-4 weeks of receiving the claim form. In case of requirement of more documents or rejection of claims, the insurance company informs the policy holder. Looking at the benefits if having a super top-up plan, you should go ahead and buy one for your near and dear ones.