Will car insurance cover sunroof damage (1)

Will My Comprehensive Insurance Cover Sunroof Damage?

If your car suffers a damage to the sunroof, you can make a claim under the comprehensive car insurance policy. You don’t need an add-on cover for it.
Will car insurance cover sunroof damage (1)
A sunroof is a very fancy accessory to have in your car. Most of the high-end models of the best cars provide the option of having a sunroof fitted on to the vehicle. It allows you to enjoy the thrills of a convertible and lets natural light come into the vehicle.

However, this roof is made of glass and gets damaged easily due to collisions, vandalism or heavy things hitting it. What do you do when this happens? You simply call your insurance provider because a sunroof damage is covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan.

Sunroof damage under comprehensive cover

A car insurance cover is not only legally required, it is very useful too. You, therefore, cannot afford to drive a car without a good insurance policy in place. If you have to pay for their repairs, it will drill a deep hole in your pocket. So get a comprehensive car insurance policy if you have a fancy car with a beautiful sunroof.

Making a claim for sunroof damage

The sunroof of a car is made of glass. All the glass components of a vehicle, excluding the headlights and the mirrors, are covered under the comprehensive motor insurance plan. So you can easily make a claim for the damage. However, the plan will only compensate for the glass damage to your sunroof. If you have any gadgets or metal parts attached to the sunroof, you will have to see what provisions your plan provides for them. The gadgets may not be directly covered under the comprehensive plan and you may need an add-on cover for them. Get this point verified by your insurance provider when you buy the insurance plan itself.

Assessing the damage

You have to see what the amount of the damage is. If there is only a small scratch on the sunroof and you feel it can be dealt with on your own, do not make an immediate claim. The deductible you have to pay for it may be higher than the cost of the repair. Keep this point in mind. Also, if you make a claim, you may end up losing a lot of your accumulated no claim bonus. To assess the amount of the damage to your sunroof and only if it is substantial, make a claim.

Third-party compensation

If you are involved in an accident that involves another vehicle that is at fault, you can make a third party claim. Under a third party cover, the policyholder can compensate for the damages caused by a third party. So in this case, you don’t have to make a claim at all – the other person will make the claim from his insurance provider on your behalf and compensate you for the damages. This is a right that you have and so try to opt for such a settlement if the accident was not your fault.


You do not need a separate add-on cover for a sunroof damage. Your comprehensive car insurance policy covers it. Without the insurance plan in place, you will have to spend a lot of money on the damages. So opt for a comprehensive plan and stay protected.