Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance Policy

Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance Policy

Personal accident cover for the owner-driver is a part of most car insurance policies. Do you want to know if this cover is enough? Find it out.
Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance Policy
A bitter truth of life is that accident can happen to anybody and at any time – usually when you expect it the least. Mostly, accidents happen while you are driving your vehicle on the road. It is better to feel safe than sorry in such an unfortunate incident. Most of the people are not prepared for it and this thing constantly pesters them. Not anymore though! If you have a personal accident cover in your car insurance policy, you have everything you need that can take care of you in any unforeseen mishap.

What can be more rewarding than getting a personal accident cover along with your car insurance? This dual combination of insurance is essential to not only cover your vehicle against damage but more important to protect you against any serious road accidents that can cause partial or permanent disability to you. The fact that your family may be dependent on you entirely further enhances the importance of this personal accident cover in car insurance policy.

Reasons to take a personal accident cover in car insurance policy

Unfortunately, many people are not fully aware of the reason why you should buy a personal accident cover. It not only provides financial support and covers all the medical expenses incurred by an insured but also extends monetary benefits to the family members in case of partial or total disability or even death.

An accident may prove to be a very big obstacle and can even block your means of earnings. In such a situation, if your car insurance also includes a personal accident cover, the insurance cover may ease out the financial burden that lies on you in the event of foregone income. Not only this, in an extreme event of death in an accident, the nominee or the family members are liable to get a lump sum insurance amount from the insurance company. In such a situation, the emotional turmoil faced by your family members is immeasurable. Your personal accident cover may take care of such intangible expenses to a certain extent.

Benefits of Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance Policy

The benefits of the personal accident cover vary with the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy purchased. In most of the cases, car insurance and accident cover offers following benefits in case of personal accidents:

Death Cover: In an extreme and unfortunate event of a death due to an accident, the complete insured amount will be given to the nominee or family members.

Permanent Disability Cover: In case of permanent total disability, the entire policy sum amount will be paid to the insured.

Partial Disability: In this, a certain percentage of the policy sum will be paid to the insured depending on the extent of disability.

Who can be covered?

  • Coverage of driver or self is a must
  • You can additionally opt for a cover for your spouse and dependent children.
  • In most of the cases, renewal option is available for lifelong

Features of Personal Accident cover in Car Insurance Policy

Most of the personal accident cover offers the following features to the insured:

Multiple options: The sum insured for an accident can be varied depending on the needs and choice of the customer.

Easy Process: The process to file a claim has been extremely simplified with the online presence of most of the insurers. Be it a cashless process through a network hospital or a reimbursement process through the non-network hospital, the entire process can be completed in just a few hours.

PAN India Coverage: Most policy provides PAN India coverage to the victim in case of car accident. The complete process is extremely fast and convenient.

Support: The policy also provides seamless support from a team of dedicated professionals. If you have any doubts or concerns in mind related to policy, you can easily reach out to their support team

Easy renewal Options: The car insurance policy can be easily renewed online on expiry. This ensures automatic renewal of personal accident cover that is included in car insurance.


The features of the personal accident cover in car insurance outlined above are very important and offer a number of benefits to the insured.