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Limits in a Third-party Cover Offered in Car Insurance

Want to know more about third-party cover in car insurance policy? Read all about what is third-party insurance and what it covers.
partial disability
Buying and renewing car insurance has become simple as many brokers and insurance firms have started offering a provision to buy and renew online. One main constituent of your car insurance policy is the third-party cover. This cover ensures that a damage caused to another party property or person (including death) is covered.

Limits of a Third-party Cover under a Car Insurance Policy

Bodily Injuries Inflicted to the Third Party

The most basic form of cover provided under a this is for bodily injuries inflicted to the other party. Whatever is the reason, all medical expenses towards the opposite party will be covered under this policy. There is no limit for the compensation amount and it depends on the severity of the accident.

Partial Disability Caused to Third Party

If in an accident involving your car, there is bodily injury to the third party which has resulted in partial disability then, it is also covered. The partial disability will include fracture, dislocation or any such condition due to which the third-party person is unable to do certain tasks in full capacity. The third-party cover provides compensation in such case.

Permanent Disability Caused to Third Party

If there occurs a severe type of disability, including total loss or non-functioning of any body parts; which would mean that the other party may not be able to work as before. Like the loss of the hands, legs or any sensory organs, etc. In such a situation, the third-party covers all the medical expenses including the compensation for the foregone income. There is no limit attached to the compensation amount.

Death Caused to Third Party

In an unfortunate event of the death of the other party involving your car, there is a threat of legal charges. The insurance company will take care of all the expenses related to compensation in this case. 

Damage Caused to Any Property

A third-party cover also extends to any damage caused to the property. Any damage, minor or severe, caused to property can cost lakhs of rupees to the property owner. With the third-party cover still active, the insurance company stands liable to cover the damage caused to the property. Remember that there is a limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs attached to this compensation amount.
A third party cover is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act thus, it is best to have a valid cover while driving the car.
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