What happens if your car catches fire (1)

Car Insurance in Case Your Car Catches Fire

“What if…?”, popularly indicates the list of regrets in our life. Here is how a valid car insurance, in case your car catches fire might help to save you from adding up to this list of regrets.
What happens if your car catches fire (1)
We hear many instances of cars catching fire. These incidents are now on the rise. Seeing a car ablaze is a scary visual. Such unfortunate situations not only cause enormous damage to your asset but also burns a hole in your pocket. What should a customer do to prevent or minimise the damage? You should be well-prepared to protect yourself from such predicaments by investing in car insurance.

Car insurance helps you stay covered against the damages caused to your vehicle. Buying a comprehensive car insurance policy is the best solution. Comprehensive car insurance covers for the burn damages caused regardless of the fire’s cause. Let us now understand various types of car fire situations and what the insurance could do for you.

  • Engine Catching Fire

Many-a-times, we have heard cars catching fire due to an electrical malfunction or mechanical defects. Sources include overheating of the engine and oil or fuel leakage. We know mechanical defects or failures are not covered under typical car insurance policy. So, in such cases, a comprehensive car insurance policy can be your saviour.

  • Car Accident

Car accidents can happen anytime. Having said that, these types of incidences take place more on highways. The collision of two cars can cause a severe accident resulting in an outbreak of fire. Consider you do not have car insurance for collision, but you do have comprehensive coverage. You need not worry about the damages as a comprehensive car insurance policy will take care of the situation.

  • Riots and Terrorism

Sometimes, during riots or terrorist activities, we hear of cars being set ablaze, often, with dire intentions. In such scenarios, if you own a comprehensive car insurance policy, coverage will be provided for the damages. Also, a comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages caused by cars caught in the act of terrorism.

  • Accidental Ignition

There are certain situations which are unfortunate when your car catches fire. For example, during festive revelry or celebrations, a fire cracker may burst near your the ignition of the car setting it to flames. This sort of accidents is covered in the comprehensive policy.

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Some scenarios where car fire insurances cover the damages. But, some situations don’t find the dependency. Mr M Ravichandran, President of Tata – AIG General Insurance, talking to the Financial Express highlights few such situations. He says, “It is important for all car owners who have a car insurance policy to take note that if during the investigation of a car fire insurance claim it comes to light that the car caught fire due to a fitting of wrong or unauthorised accessory then the claim would be not honoured. Further, he clarifies that damage caused internally or externally to the car is covered under the insurance policy, but damages to electronic parts or damage to wiring due to the short circuit are not included unless there is actual fire”.

Note that to claim fire insurance under comprehensive car insurance policy, ignition along with visible flames is a mandatory requirement.

Remember in case your car catches fire; you should file a FIR at the nearest police station. Inform your insurance provider about the mishap right away. The insurance company might have to conduct a spot survey of the accident. For further investigation and insurance claim settlement, the company will ask you for further details of the accident. Maintain the FIR copy for yourself and further studies by the insurance company.

Having a comprehensive plan helps you cover any accidental car damages. It makes horrifying situations somewhat bearable, and you are assured to receive compensation for any damages to your vehicle.

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